Arturo comfort resin floor COMFORTABLE. COLOURFUL. DECORATIVE.

A seamless PU resin floor which provides excellent underfoot comfort and is available in a range of beautiful colours.

Comfort Resin Floor
  • Subfloor

Product information

Arturo PU3320

Waterborne, UV-stable, coloured sealer with satin finish (2-C, PU)

Arturo PU7310

Waterborne, wear-resistant, UV-stable, transparent sealer with matte finish (2-C, PU)

Arturo PU7320

Waterborne, UV-stable, transparent sealer with satin finish (2-C, PU)

Arturo PU2035

Highly elastic, decorative self-smoothing floor with comfort underfoot and shore D 30 (2-C, PU)

Arturo PU6000

Solvent-free scratch coat/membrane based on polyurethane

Arturo EP6600

Universal primer. Can be used as a scratch coat when filled (2-C, EP)

Arturo EP6200

Ready to-go, filled scratch coat (2-C, EP)


  • Bespoke and colourful
  • Provides great underfoot comfort
  • Flexible
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Impermeable to liquids
  • For use over underfloor heating systems
  • Fully UV stable with coloured seal coats
  • Solvent-free


Areas of use:

  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Schools & educational facilities
  • Offices
  • Healthcare



Available in most RAL colours. We have also put together  several colour palettes to make choosing a floor easier, please click here to peruse a number of colours, ‘concrete look’ effects and flakes options. 


  • FeRFA classification: 5
  • System thickness: 2 mm to 3 mm
  • Usage: Light duty
  • Wear and scratch resistance: ≤ AR0.5
  • Chemical resistance: Good*
  • Fire resistance rating: B fl-s1
  • Shore hardness (Shore D): 30
  • UV stable: Yes (with coloured seal coat PU3320)
  • Slip resistance option: Yes*
  • Curing time**:

- Ready for foot traffic after approx. 18 hours
- Full mechanical resilience after 3 days
- Chemically resistant after 7 days

* For pendulum test values (PTV) or chemical resistance list please contact us for more information.
** At 20°C, 65% relative humidity.

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