Food Production Flooring

Hygiene and food safety are essential in food production. Arturo resin floors are ideal for use in factories or food production as they are seamless, hygienic and effortless to clean to prevent bacteria. Arturo floors are also hardwearing to withstand heavy footfall, trolleys, or forklift truck traffic. In addition, Arturo floors are impervious to liquids, chemical resistant, UV stable and can be made slip resistant.


Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

Floors in the food industry must comply with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) requirements. HACCP food safety system includes strict hygiene and safety measures. Floors must be impervious and regularly cleaned to prevent bacteria formation. Resin floors by Arturo comply with the HACCP standards.


Area of use

Arturo resin floors can be used in a variety of different environments where hygiene is critical. From food production, industrial kitchens, restaurants and bakeries to abattoirs. 


  • Good resistance to chemicals, impacts and abrasion
  • Seamless and easy to clean
  • Impervious 
  • Slip-resistance is possible  
  • Different colour options
  • Continuous floor-to-wall skirting 
  • Compatible with drainage systems

Discover Arturo Flooring Systems

Please see below a range of different Arturo resin systems suitable for food production.


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