Arturo resin floors are ideal for use in healthcare and hospitals. They can be used in various areas, from wards and operating theatres to public spaces and entrances. Arturo floors are seamless, easy to clean and hygienic. The floors are also very hardwearing so that they can withstand heavy footfall as well as bed and trolley transportation. 

Safe & hygienic flooring

Hygienic floors are crucial in the health sector. The floor must be low-allergenic, resistant to chemicals and fire-resistant. Arturo floors meet these criteria and are impervious to liquids, durable, solvent-free and low-emission.  

Slip-resistant flooring

To help prevent slippages, Arturo floors can be made slip-resistant with the inclusion of micro-glass beads. These are almost impossible to see with the naked eye, ensuring pleasing aesthetics and an effective floor finish.

Colour and design

Hospital floors should be more than just safe and practical. Arturo floors can help create a calm and peaceful atmosphere through colour and design techniques. Arturo can supply resin floors in hundreds of different colours allowing the right ambience to be achieved depending on the location or area of use. To find out more, click here.


  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Seamless and impervious
  • Good resistance to chemicals
  • Long-lasting
  • Slip-resistance is possible 
  • Colour options
  • Continuous floor-to-wall skirting
  • Compatible with drainage systems

Arturo Comfort Resin Floor UV

Arturo Comfort Resin Floor

Arturo Performance Resin Floor

Arturo Performance Resin Floor UV

Discover Arturo Flooring Systems

Please see below a range of different Arturo resin systems suitable for healthcare and hospital floors.  

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Machinery and special tools for substrate preparation and installation of floor coverings

Complete product range for installation, renovation and maintenance of wood flooring

Resin and cementitious floor finishes combining performance and design

Installation systems for tiling and natural stone

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